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Marini Asphalt Compact. This futuristic asphalt plant series from Fayat Group is a convergence of tradition and advanced green plant technology.

The Marini MAC’s are designed to maximize productivity, profitability and performance. The green plant technology initiative offers; remarkable reduction in asphalt manufacturing costs – a must to survive in a competitive market.

MAC delivers the highest fuel efficiency in its class ensuring your mix production costs beat every competition. Features like waste heat recovery and incorporation of the green plant design initiative at each level, places the MAC where it is most comfortable : Ahead of the pack.

Modular designs, zero ducts and zero civil foundation requirements ensure that the product set up costs and time are drastically reduced.

The MAC can produce traditional asphalts, specification mixes, low energy and carbon friendly mixes and effortlessly process up to 45 % recycled asphalts.

General specifications:

Functional specifications:

Compact dryer + filter unit
Zero gas ducts & reduced filler circuits
Waste heat recovery system
Burner adapted to use all types of fuel: light and heavy fuel oil and natural gas
Self standing design requires no civil foundation
Industrial specifications:

Standardised and pre-assembled industrial design reduces erection and assembly costs
Minimal footprint and short circuits deliver energy savings of up to 15%
RAP processing up to 35 % supplied as standard, All of the most modern recycling and production methods are accommodated and can be factory-fitted
Sustainable development:

Reduced installed electrical capacity
Optimised burner consumption
Energy savings
Reduced CO2 emissions
Plant is ready to produce low-energy asphalt, whatever the chosen technique
Designed for all recycling techniques